Jimmy Wright

Jimmy Wright studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA) and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (MFA), and is represented in New York City by D. C. Moore Gallery. He is known for his energetic technique of rendering large scale pastels and oil paintings of flowers. His works have been reproduced in Reader's Digest (August 1998) and Architectural Digest (October 1997).

In the D. C. Moore Gallery's catalog of Jimmy Wright's paintings, New York art critic Jeff Perrone wrote of Wright's work: "...Jimmy Wright's art establishes it's own unconventional place. His flower paintings do not wallow in the mire of melancholy. There are no wafts of rarified perfume, no nostalgic vapors, no wistful longings. On first glance, they are, rather refreshingly, quite straightforward..."

Jimmy Wright working on a master drawing for "Garden Basket"

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