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Harriet Shorr, a New York painter known for the strong use of color in her realistic still life compositions, attended the Yale School of Art and Architecture (BFA), and Swarthmore College (BA). Her extensive career includes solo exhibitions at Tatischeff and Co. and Fischbach Gallery, New York, the Museum of East Texas, and the University of Colorado. Her work is in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Utah Museum of Fine Art, and the Tennessee State Museum. A book of her work, "The Artist's Eye: A Perceptual Way of Painting" is published by Watson-Guptill.
 Harriet Shorr working on "Shadows on the Book"
 Proofing colors with master printer Bruce Wood
Helping printer William Janosco at the press. Taking a break! Harriet Shorr and Bruce Wood celebrate a successful new edition.

Paintings by Harriet Shorr

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