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Bruce Wood's serigraphs (also known as silk screen prints or screenprints) are hand-printed by the artist. One stencil is hand-made for each color in the print, with up to 48 used to complete the image. The stencils are adhered to a tightly stretched fine silk or synthetic fabric. This maintains all the details in the stencil, and holds it in position during printing. One color is mixed for each stencil. Paper is placed under the screen, and ink is pushed through the open mesh (the part not blocked by the stencil) with a squeegee. When the ink dries, the next color is applied.

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 "Sailor's Garden" 16" x 24" image, $400.
 "Cottage View" 16" x 24" image, $400.


 "Summer Breeze" 20" x 16" image, 375.
"Floating World" 41" x 32" image, $1500.
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