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Publisher & Printer of Fine Art Print Editions

Studio & Main Office: 14913 Lakeside Road, P.O.Box 8,Lakeside, MI 49116, tel. 616-469-2818
Represented in Chicago by Fenway Gallery: 2570 Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614, tel. 773-281-7930

afa Press (formerly Academy Fine Art), has been publishing and printing fine art limited editions since 1989. Founded by the mother and son team of Angelina and Bruce Wood as a vehicle to market their own editions, afa has grown to publish the work of other artists.

As a publisher, afa Press invites artists to come to Lakeside to create original fine art editions. While at the Press, the artists collaborate with a master printer, who helps them with the technical aspects of printmaking. The editions are then offered for sale to galleries, museums and collectors.

The entire collection can be seen at the new Fenway Gallery in Chicago.

Lake Michigan is 2 "village blocks" from afa Press.

afa Press' 2000 sq. ft. studio is located in 75 miles from Chicago, in the resort village of Lakeside, Michigan. The area is an upscale second home community for many of Chicago's professionals. There are several galleries, antique shops, boutiques and restaurants catering to the area's visitors. There's also a variety of Michigan's finest inns.

The main attraction of Lakeside and the surrounding towns, which are collectively called "Harbor Country", is the relaxing shore and beaches of lake Michigan. The sand stretches on for miles, making the beach a great place to walk and contemplate nature. There are sand dunes and clay cliffs along the shore, where remnants of prehistoric civilizations have been found. In the evening, sunsets are often spectacular, and the night sky yields a million stars.

Looking out from a tree covered dune.

Orchards, vineyards, cornfields and forests add to the visual wealth of Harbor Country. In Summer and Fall, there's an abundance of fresh produce from the local farmers markets.

Lakeside has been home to many fine artists and printmakers. In 1997, afa Press bought the lithography and etching presses of the Lakeside Studio Press, which John Wilson operated for 25 years. The equipment was moved to afa Press, just a mile from the Lakeside Studio Press.

The afa Press building in downtown Lakeside.

The afa Press studio has three presses: a semi-automatic silkscreen press capable of very fine detail printing; a traditional lithography press for working with stones; and a traditional etching press for etching and monotype printing. Water based inks are used for the screenprints, and the studio uses non-toxic materials for most processes. Aside from screenprinting, other specialties include photogravure and hand pulled lithographs.

Bruce Wood & William Janosco at the screen printing press.

The studio's master printer is by Bruce Wood, who has been making serigraphs since 1969. He studied printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art (BFA) and film at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA).

For further information, please contact Bruce Wood at afa Press. Phone (616) 469-2818.

Please note: afa Press is not a printing facility for hire.

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