Bruce Wood's THE DEER THIEF With you in life, with me in death. A paranormal love story. Synopsis:

 Ted moves to the country and tries to forget the death of his life-partner. He is stalked and seduced by Zack, a local man who was killed decades earlier before finding true love.

Ted is the only one who consistently sees Zack, but others in the town glimpse Zack occasionally. The combined sightings reinforce Ted’s belief that Zack is alive, and gradually Ted falls in love with him.

During their courtship, someone breaks into a neighbor’s barn, where a deer is hung up waiting to be dressed. The thief cuts up the deer, steals the meat, and leaves the bones. When the police investigate the bizarre theft, suspicion falls on Zack.

Ted hides Zack from the police, but is troubled by the possibility that he may not know the truth about his new boyfriend. He investigates with the help of the local newspaper’s editor, and discovers unexpected facts.

When Ted confronts Zack, turmoil ensues, and Ted is forced to choose life or love.


 The Deer Thief (main)
(c) 2006 Bruce Wood, Inc. all rights reserved
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